Why I Am Against Driverless Cars

I wasn’t able to say anything until today because of what happened, but now I can finally talk about my adventure in a driverless car a couple of weeks ago.  You may have seen it on the news, but they didn’t tell the real story.  I was in the back seat of that Uber driverless car that crashed in Tucson.   While nobody was hurt, the real story is much worse than reported and I have been advised to tell my story today because people should know.
The day started out like a usual day.  I was at Costco.   It was a little early in the day for the usual sample-fest, but I was there to return some stuff.  Ever have a sample of that flavored hummus and then wind up going home with 3 gallons of it?  Note, Costco hummus is not as good as it seems in the store.
So I was in line retuning hummus.  If you think that’s bad, at the return register next to me was some guy trying to return a bag of shrimp.   I heard the cashier say, “I’m going to have to get a supervisor.” and walk away for a minute.  While my cashier was placing my hummus on a shelf behind her next to some more hummus and some 3lb. bags of kale that someone else returned, I took a look at this guy’s shrimp package, which looked like he bought it years ago.   The tag looked old, everything seemed worn.   I snuck a picture.:
ShrimpBagWhat happened next was utterly shocking and disgusting.  As you might be able to tell, the bag was in fact several years old.   It turns out the guy bought the shrimp from Costco 14 years ago and he said it was frozen for “most of that time.”   The supervisor frowned and opened the bag.   The stench was so overwhelming she passed out and actually, all of us in the area started hitting the floor.  For me, the stench was horrific but the shrimp appeared to also be moving which was even more terrifying.
Well, to make a long story short, several people were taken away in ambulances.  I never actually lost consciousness, but I thought I should get checked out anyway, and since I was feeling woozy, I decided I’d use my UBER app.   I had a coupon for a free ride, and except for the nausea, I was excited about this since it was my first ever UBER ride.  I even took a picture of my UBER driver when he arrived.   He was an interesting character to say the least:
UberDriver. 2So, he let me into his car, which I didn’t even notice at the time looked different.  It was a Volvo, so something odd in the design didn’t seem strange to me, I just got in the back.
Now the back seat was VERY interesting.  All designed for my comfort.   Leather, music, snacks, plus a pillow and blanket.  Some kind of weird computer interface or something with no buttons, but what looks like a big red eye and a microphone/speaker on it.  I was still feeling sick, so I put my head back and the whole seat reclined.  Minutes into the drive I fell asleep.   (I was not only sick, but I’ve been up too late recently binging on old episodes of The Bob Newhart Show.)
Unfortunately, I slept for 2 hours before I was awakened by bright light and a humid and heavy stench.  I looked, and realized immediately, if wasn’t more Costco shrimp, I was in El Centro!   I grabbed my cell phone only to discover that not only did I have no reception, but the car, as if it saw what I was doing, announced to me “Mobile devices are disabled for this UBER Vehicle in order to stimulate conversation or meditation.”   WHAT?   Conversation with who?  The driver was asleep and unwakable in the front seat and then I realized it was one of those driverless cars.  And I’m being kidnapped by it!  The doors wouldn’t open, neither would the windows.  A Muzak version of Mr. Roboto was on repeat too, fittingly enough.
5 hours later, 2 hours after I stopped screaming and trying to get the attention of other drivers and being lectured by creepy computer system about relaxation, we reached Tucson.  By now, the driver was fully awake but in a heavy sweat trying to regain control of the car.   Fortunately, we had slowed and moved into city traffic, when suddenly, we’re hit by someone we turned in front of, the car flipped and finally stopped (picture is above.)
I was wisked out of the car quickly by some uniformed UBER security who arrived before the police.  I don’t know what happened to the driver.   I had a feeling that the UBER people had caused the crash on purpose just to stop us.  In some empty office across the street, I was ordered to sign a secrecy agreement and settlement plan, which is why I’ve remained quiet.   But my attorney advised me that I need to go public with the story for the sake of everyone else, and I agree.
This technology and driverless cars is no good, it’s out of control.   And to tell the truth, I think there’s something a lot more nefarious about the whole thing, just more of the elite taking more control away from the regular people.  I say no to driverless cars, I want to drive myself thank you!
Whatever you do, don’t get in one.  Since I didn’t notice it was a driverless car until I got in (it did have a “driver” but he was just some sort of test pilot or technician or something),  I did notice where the computer system hub is that talks to you and lectures you about things.  There is some kind rectangular interface that is only about 5 inches long by 2 inches, and it’s on a panel in front of each seat, with a larger one on the dashboard.  When the car crashed, my phone was re-enabled and I was able to take a good close up picture of it before being dragged out of the car.  Here it is:
Hal9000 2If you see this device, don’t trust it.  Get out!
That is all, I just thought you needed to know.  If there are more developments, I’ll let you know those too.  For now, drive your own car, and throw away old shrimp!

It’s Time to Reconsider “The Furrow Plan”

This is from October 26, 2015.   It’s a great excuse today to reconsider The Furrow Plan, and also an opportunity to repost something in this hardly ever updated blog…  (You should probably ignore a related post from April 1, 2016…)  

From October 2015:

LA ChargersLet the San Diego Chargers go to Los Angeles.  Let’s face it, every year, the Chargers are almost a good team, but they always disappoint, and that makes them a perfect counterpart for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

But even without a team, the City of San Diego should build a state-of-the-art football stadium anyway.  Here’s my proposal, subject to approval by the National Football League.

I propose we destroy Qualcomm in some dramatic fashion, in order to build excitement for what would be not just another football stadium, but the biggest one ever built.  It shall be known as the most magnificent sporting venue in the world, the new Eighth Wonder of the World.  We would build it, not for a replacement or expansion team in the NFL, but for something greater, greater for San Diego, greater for sports fans everywhere.

Our new stadium’s name will not be associated with any bank or other local company.  The name will be simple, straight-forward, and will clearly identify it’s purpose.  The stadium will be built to host only one football game a year, the game and the stadium shall have the same name:  The Super Bowl.

The idea is that all future Super Bowls would be played in San Diego, at The Super Bowl, in exchange for San Diego not having it’s own team.  We would trade eight mediocre games for one spectacular event.  I think that’s a good deal for San Diegans, who aren’t buying Charger tickets anyway.  With the Furrow Plan, we don’t need to buy tickets, instead, the world will be buying tickets from us!

It is clear that San Diego is the best city in the world to host the Super Bowl.  We have the best weather in the country, with very good odds of a spectacular environment for fans, teams, blimps, and more.   There would be no concerns of profit reducing snow or rain or general dreariness.  Fans will also be able to enjoy the sunshine at the beaches, the resorts, and the world famous San Diego Zoo.  Tourists are only a short drive from Legoland and even Disneyland.

Imagine the possibilities.  While many might prefer a downtown stadium for a local team, the Mission Valley location would be ideal for The Super Bowl.   Plenty of room for parking of course, but also, imagine the use of that space for the fan and media experience!  Plus, the complex could contain community sports fields, sports themed restaurants and activities and think of it – The Super Bowl resort and Spa!

A sample of what could be built in Mission Valley

How would this all be funded?  You mean how would all those additional tourist tax dollars, media deals, and various fees for this and that pay for it?  I think we just paid for it.  Some naysayers have suggested that the Super Bowl drives away as many tourists and city revenue, as it brings in.  That may be true in other cities, but unlike cities with those ugly domed stadiums, people actually want to visit San Diego, and will even extend their stay for an amazing vacation.  There is more than enough to do and places to stay.  The revenue from all of that makes the Furrow Plan financing scenarios obvious.

An artist concept drawing from a few years ago.

The Superbowl belongs in San Diego.  Let’s face it, there’s really no point in traveling to arctic places like New York, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Chicago or the Northeast and Midwest in general during the winter and no one wants to go to Miami or Phoenix until retirement.  New Orleans can’t keep the lights on, and besides, like Detroit, St. Louis, and Minneapolis, they have that dome problem.   Domes are dumb.   Los Angeles has too much traffic, San Francisco is too liberal, Boston cheats, Seattle and Denver have certain other recreational problems, Baltimore is Baltimore and the other cities are just other cities.  But San Diego is America’s Finest City.

Obviously, this is a win-win for San Diego and the NFL.

I call on Mayor Faulconer and the City of San Diego to create a new commission immediately, one to propose The Furrow Plan to the NFL.  If this deal shows promise, we should simply let the Chargers go to L.A. and shack up with the Raiders.  That sounds like a great relationship.  They can be the Kardashians of football.

Think about it, mayor.  If it works, one day they’ll put a statue of you somewhere near Horton Plaza.


SDPD Follow Up

I just want to take a moment to respond to the overwhelming response to my blog post last week asking for prayer for the family of San Diego Police Officer JD De Guzman, as well as prayer for the SDPD and others in the community.  I received hundreds of comments and emails that were very moving, especially those from the many police officers who took time to respond.  Thank you for your kindness and mostly, for praying for all of those involved.

Many people have asked how they can help, and there are many ways to do so.  Soon, I’ll let you know more about some ways to get more personally involved.  For now, please continue to pray for the things I mentioned and consider supporting the family of officer DeGuzman and supporting the recovery needs of Officer Irwin and his family.

You can support the family of Officer De Guzman through the San Diego Police Officers Association’s Widows and Orphans Fund.   You can give online here (make sure to put “Deguzman” in the comment field, or simply by sending a texting “DEGUZMAN” to 41444.


Officer Irwin and family can be supported by visiting this GoFundMe page:



Please note that while Officer Irwin is still employed by the city, this fund is to help cover family expenses and lost income during his recovery.  More information is available at the site.

Again, thank you for your prayers and your kind comments.





Statement about SDPD

As you may know, two San Diego Police officers in the Gang Suppression Team were shot last night in San Diego.  Officer Jonathan DeGuzman was murdered and Officer Wade Irwin is in serious condition but expected to recover.  There are a few related matters I want to ask you to pray for, and I am writing to share some things you may not know about some of the people involved here which I have been privileged to meet and serve with.

SDPDBadgeFirst and foremost, please pray for the families of the officers who were shot, especially for the family of murdered officer DeGuzman whose wife and kids are without a husband and father today and need our support and prayers.  For officer Irwin, that he would recover fully and that his family would be strengthened and supported as well.  “Finest” is not simply a nice term we use for the police to decorate their vehicles, it is a statement of character and sacrifice and honor that these brave men and women deserve.  And when they are attacked here or elsewhere in the country, it makes everyone less safe.

I simply cannot find the words to express how deeply saddened I am for these officers and their families.  I ask you to pray for Chief Zimmerman and all of the San Diego Police Department and their families.  Especially pray for those in the Gang Unit who are greatly affected by this.

This shooting happened two blocks away from a location where several of these incredible San Diego Police officers in the Gang Unit meet together monthly with officers from other law enforcement agencies, city officials, and a wonderful group of community activists and volunteers who like them are committed to preventing exactly this kind of thing.   This group also organizes regular walks in this very community were these officers were shot.   Uniformed police, detectives, and the sergeants they work with dedicate time going door-to-door along with these community volunteers in order to listen to residents, to better understand their concerns, and to learn how they can better protect the children at the schools along with everyone else who lives in a neighborhood  burdened with strife and violence and hopelessness.  Both the police and community leaders do this at great risk and with great courage, and they are making a difference.  They are committed to knowing and being known by residents personally as this heightens trust and makes everyone safer.

Along with the police, this team includes pastors, some of whom are former gang members themselves.  These pastors work so tightly with the police that when there is a gang related shooting, the police immediately notify them and they come to the scene, or they go to the hospital where a gang member or a police officer is being treated.   These people reach out to gang members and offer hope and a way out of that life.  They work hard with the police, churches and community organizations to prevent kids from joining gangs in the first place.   The meetings are not religious in nature, yet, they often end with a prayer, where police officers, pastors, city leaders, community activists and volunteers, all of different ethnic and racial backgrounds, stand in a big circle holding hands and asking God to bless their work and keep them safe. It’s an incredible sight to see and very emotional to be a part of it in light of the increasing problems our nation is facing.

With the state of our nation being what it is, and the negative and false narratives and politically driven coverage that these shootings so often receive, I want you to know there are people doing great work related to these matters who you never see on television.   They are police officers, teachers, bankers, pastors and more who are not looking for fame, they just want to end the violence and improve life for everyone.  Please pray for the many people here in San Diego and around our country who beneath the smoke of it all are risking life and social standing to save lives and improve communities.  I want you to know that there are incredible people right here in San Diego who do not agree about politics, who do not agree about how to do police work, who do not agree about a great many things, but who get together in a room and spend time listening to each other and working together to make life better and safer for the people they serve.  These people are heroes.  They understand justice and peace. They are grieving because of what happened here.  Please pray for them that they will not lose hope, that they will continue to go the extra mile in serving and protecting our communities.

Additionally, please pray for the shooters involved here, and for the many who are connected to gangs and violent groups in San Diego.  Pray that justice is done and that it is done swiftly, and then pray that whatever the case, like the pastors who are a part of the team I’ve been speaking of, that their hearts would be changed for the rest of their lives.  Pray for the kids today who are being pressured to join a gang, which happens at a very young age, that they would turn away and be safe.  Pray that they would hear the voices of wise mentors above the noise of the foolish tempters.

Finally, I ask you to pray for police chaplains, specifically my good friend San Diego Police Chaplain Chuck Price, who knew Officer DeGuzman personally and and often would be found as a ride along with him.   Last night, Chuck left his shift doing a ride along with a Gang Unit officer less than 2 hours before this shooting.  Our police chaplains are often exposed to the violent scenes and the grief that follows and are also unsung heroes to an increasing number of police families who have lost loved ones while they were on duty.  Please pray for Chuck and for the other chaplains and ministers who are tending to many who are affected today.  They have a unique calling to serve those who serve.

Thank you for praying for our great city and the San Diego Police Department, our city’s finest.  Especially, pray again for the families of officer DeGuzman and Irwin.  Please keep these matters in prayer as you pray for our nation and its people.


Story:  http://www.cbs8.com/story/32569695/two-san-diego-police-officers-shot-one-killed-one-person-in-custody




Contact:  Louis Friend  – FurrowPlan@gmail.com

FurrowPlan Logo



The Furrow Plan is the most exciting option for the future of professional sports in San Diego, and the World.  The “Furrow Plan” will bring the Super Bowl to San Diego every year for the next 30 years.  The Furrow Plan will build a new state of the art football/multi-purpose stadium to Mission Valley located in the location of the current dilapidated Qualcomm Stadium.  “The Super Bowl at Furrow Field” will be the new 8th Wonder of the World and will be surrounded by new shopping malls, hotels, a water park “Oikosland”and 17 new Starbuck’s locations.

The Measure – Proposition “F” – will appear on the November Ballot.

The Furrow Plan requires that the City of San Diego help the San Diego Chargers relocate to Los Angeles or any other city, in exchange for the 8 NFL home games, the NLF has tentatively agreed to host the Super Bowl in San Diego for the next 30 years once the new stadium is built.  The approximate cost of the project is $150 million and will be funded partially by the NFL, San Diego hotel taxes, and tariffs collected on foreign soccer fans attending games to be played during the summer.  Voters Must approve proposition “F” with a simple majority.  Further details will be included in the 2016 Voter Guide.

The Election Campaign for The Furrow Plan will be launched officially soon.  Below is the official campaign logo and various Social Media matters:


FurrowPlan Logo





FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/furrowplan/

TWITTER:  @TheFurrowPlan

HASHTAGS:  #makesandiegogreatagain #furrowplan #superbowlforever


Bring the Super Bowl to San Diego...EVERY YEAR!