It’s Time to Reconsider “The Furrow Plan”

This is from October 26, 2015.   It’s a great excuse today to reconsider The Furrow Plan, and also an opportunity to repost something in this hardly ever updated blog…  (You should probably ignore a related post from April 1, 2016…)  

From October 2015:

LA ChargersLet the San Diego Chargers go to Los Angeles.  Let’s face it, every year, the Chargers are almost a good team, but they always disappoint, and that makes them a perfect counterpart for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

But even without a team, the City of San Diego should build a state-of-the-art football stadium anyway.  Here’s my proposal, subject to approval by the National Football League.

I propose we destroy Qualcomm in some dramatic fashion, in order to build excitement for what would be not just another football stadium, but the biggest one ever built.  It shall be known as the most magnificent sporting venue in the world, the new Eighth Wonder of the World.  We would build it, not for a replacement or expansion team in the NFL, but for something greater, greater for San Diego, greater for sports fans everywhere.

Our new stadium’s name will not be associated with any bank or other local company.  The name will be simple, straight-forward, and will clearly identify it’s purpose.  The stadium will be built to host only one football game a year, the game and the stadium shall have the same name:  The Super Bowl.

The idea is that all future Super Bowls would be played in San Diego, at The Super Bowl, in exchange for San Diego not having it’s own team.  We would trade eight mediocre games for one spectacular event.  I think that’s a good deal for San Diegans, who aren’t buying Charger tickets anyway.  With the Furrow Plan, we don’t need to buy tickets, instead, the world will be buying tickets from us!

It is clear that San Diego is the best city in the world to host the Super Bowl.  We have the best weather in the country, with very good odds of a spectacular environment for fans, teams, blimps, and more.   There would be no concerns of profit reducing snow or rain or general dreariness.  Fans will also be able to enjoy the sunshine at the beaches, the resorts, and the world famous San Diego Zoo.  Tourists are only a short drive from Legoland and even Disneyland.

Imagine the possibilities.  While many might prefer a downtown stadium for a local team, the Mission Valley location would be ideal for The Super Bowl.   Plenty of room for parking of course, but also, imagine the use of that space for the fan and media experience!  Plus, the complex could contain community sports fields, sports themed restaurants and activities and think of it – The Super Bowl resort and Spa!

A sample of what could be built in Mission Valley

How would this all be funded?  You mean how would all those additional tourist tax dollars, media deals, and various fees for this and that pay for it?  I think we just paid for it.  Some naysayers have suggested that the Super Bowl drives away as many tourists and city revenue, as it brings in.  That may be true in other cities, but unlike cities with those ugly domed stadiums, people actually want to visit San Diego, and will even extend their stay for an amazing vacation.  There is more than enough to do and places to stay.  The revenue from all of that makes the Furrow Plan financing scenarios obvious.

An artist concept drawing from a few years ago.

The Superbowl belongs in San Diego.  Let’s face it, there’s really no point in traveling to arctic places like New York, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Chicago or the Northeast and Midwest in general during the winter and no one wants to go to Miami or Phoenix until retirement.  New Orleans can’t keep the lights on, and besides, like Detroit, St. Louis, and Minneapolis, they have that dome problem.   Domes are dumb.   Los Angeles has too much traffic, San Francisco is too liberal, Boston cheats, Seattle and Denver have certain other recreational problems, Baltimore is Baltimore and the other cities are just other cities.  But San Diego is America’s Finest City.

Obviously, this is a win-win for San Diego and the NFL.

I call on Mayor Faulconer and the City of San Diego to create a new commission immediately, one to propose The Furrow Plan to the NFL.  If this deal shows promise, we should simply let the Chargers go to L.A. and shack up with the Raiders.  That sounds like a great relationship.  They can be the Kardashians of football.

Think about it, mayor.  If it works, one day they’ll put a statue of you somewhere near Horton Plaza.


2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Reconsider “The Furrow Plan”

  1. Love it! Although you could use it for some other things. Sounds great for the East West Shrine game what you propose has great pre game room for the festivities involved with it. Seems like there should be a college bowl game or two that needs to be played in San Diego. Go Furrow Plan!


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