I Didn’t Make The List

I didn’t make the list.  A list that should not exist, should not have been published.

The Top 100 Christian Leaders in America.”   (Wouldn’t these then be the Bottom 100 Christian Leaders, Biblically speaking?)  It received some funny attention on Twitter this week:

Let me ask you something – who is the face of Christianity in America?  Please don’t say Jesus, he didn’t make the list either.

Captain StubingNo, I mean, when a Christian perspective on some issue is given somewhere in the media, who get’s the call, the call to represent the Body of Christ on national TV, or in a major newspaper or cable news network?  Sadly, it’s a lot of people on this list.  Sure, some listed here genuinely promote the Gospel of Jesus and do a great job.  But some others promote something or someone else entirely and don’t represent Jesus well at all.  The latter is who you see on your TV more often that the former.

Perhaps you think this list is a product of ignorant left-wing media.  While it’s true that most left-wing sources would have a similar call list, it’s the ignorant right-wing media who created and published this catastrophe.   This is because the face of Christianity in America, at least in the minds of many who produce or publish, is highly political, entertainment based, and wacky in general.

The list of course doesn’t really matter, but it provides an opportunity for this reminder.   The foundation of the Christian faith is not the Church nor any of its leaders or celebrities.  It’s not a set of moral teachings or even the Bible.  The foundation of the Christian faith is instead an event:  the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.  Without this event, Jesus is just like any other religious founder or philosophical guru.  Dead.  Still dead.  Take it or leave it.  We might as well then rank each other by whatever arbitrary scale we can come up with.

Instead, let’s put Jesus on the list and call it finished.  He invites people to follow him, and as for me, a guy who predicts his own death and resurrection and comes through is worth following.

I suppose if Heaven keeps such a list as the “Top 100 Christ-Followers”, we probably have never heard of those people, who humbly serve other and sacrifice all they have in the name of Christ.  Those people need our prayers and encouragement, but not strange accolades from political news magazines.


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