A New Vision… and Blog 3.0

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they must figure out what serious thing really bugs them more than what bugs the usual person, and then do something about it.  The realization that you were made to change something for the better is a frightening thing.  First, this means you accept that you can’t change everything that bugs you, and that will bug you for a while.  But it also means that you now know you have a job to do and your life is going to change if you accept the charge.

But only for the better.

For me, this is on my mind.  It’s motivating.  Presently, it’s motivating me to start over with this blog.  Silly sounding, I suppose, but it’s just a piece of the puzzle, and there are many pieces fitting together.

“What God originates, God orchestrates.” – Andy Stanley

The orchestra is playing and its getting louder.  Can you hear it?

So hey, feel free to subscribe to this blog.  You should be able to do it at the links on the footer.  On the right side.

– SF

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